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Formal Shoes For Men

A well-rounded wardrobe must include men's formal shoes because they are vital to leaving a good impression. At Kelly Country our sophisticated footwear styles are made to last and radiate flair, refinement, and elegance, making them an essential accessory for a variety of formal occasions or corporate events. Our online selection is only part of our collection, you can view the full range of our formal shoes for men available in Sydney at our Alexandria or Granville showrooms. Kelly Country also has a tailoring service so that you can have your formal shoes custom made perfectly to you! Our tailoring service is a great option if you fit outside the standard sizing range.

Men's Dress Shoes

It's important to focus on the choice of materials while choosing men's dress shoes. The most popular and suggested material for formal footwear is premium leather. Particularly full-grain leather is renowned for its robustness, opulent beauty, and capacity to age gracefully. Mens dress shoes with a glossy finish also are great for a sophisticated look at formal occasions. In addition to the materials, the colour of men’s dress shoes should also be considered when it comes to formal events.

Mens Brown Dress Shoes

Mens brown dress shoes come in a variety of tones ranging from dark chocolate to light tan, giving a more laid-back and adaptable option that goes well with many different ensembles. Your assortment of mens dress shoes can benefit from the personality and distinctiveness that colours such as brown can bring.

Black Men's Formal Shoes

Given that it is the most conventional and formal colour, black is frequently used for formal occasions like weddings, funerals, and business meetings. At Kelly Country our black mens formal shoes come in a range of styles, because while black is traditional it doesn’t have to be boring!

Formal Boots

If you’re looking for a men's dress shoe that is still formal but is also comfortable, formal boots are perfect. Formal boots are crafted with premium leather so still look great but offer the comfort that other formal shoes cannot. The best thing is they can be dressed up or down to suit whatever occasion!

Men's Suit Shoes - Smart Shoes

By selecting the right pair of mens formal shoes and paying attention to materials and colour, men can confidently step into any formal setting, leaving a lasting impression of sophistication and style. All our mens suit shoes have been designed to work perfectly with our mens formal suits and mens formal shirts. Our mens suit shoe range is very versatile so can work with whatever style and colour of suit you desire. At Kelly Country we pride ourselves on offering quality made mens suit shoes that combine both attention to detail with premium materials. Remember the key to a great mens formal shoe is comfort, you want shoes that will last the full day and for many years to come. Take into account style, material, colour and quality!

Men's Formal Shoes Sydney

Shop our mens formal shoes Australia-wide for free shipping on orders over $100. Alternatively if you live in Sydney, stop by one of our locations to browse our collection. We have designed a wide range of mens formal shoes that will complement a range of styles. Pair our mens formal shoes with the perfect pair of mens formal pants or match it to one of our mens formal ties! The possibilities are endless with Kelly Country.

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